Cyber Security

Incident Response Team

About us

SCITUM-CERT is one of SCITUM’s multiple specialized teams that contribute to the organization’s commitment, generating value to its customers through specialized security experts on detection, investigation and incident response.

Scitum - CERT's Mission

Contribute to the creation of secure digital environment, minimizing the impact of security incidents that affect our customers through a team of specialists, efficient processes, state-of-the-art technology and a strong collaboration ecosystem.

Scitum - CERT's Vision

To be recognized by our allies and customers as a leader on research, communication and advice in security incidents response.


Cyber attacks detection

  • Intrusion analysis
  • Advanced persistent threat hunting

Incident hunting and response

  • Threat triage
  • Deception networks monitoring and analysis
  • Security analytics
  • Malware analysis
  • Forensic investigation based on cyber attacks incident response
  • Advanced persistent threats remediation

Alerting and situational awareness

  • Security bulletins
  • Vulnerabilities information
  • Attack vectors information
  • Malicious artifacts analysis
  • Industry valuable information
  • Actionable intelligence such as:
    IoCs, YARA Rules, TTPs

Capacity building (Training)

  • Methodological transfer to implement or improve the security incident response process.

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PHONE: +52 (55) 9150 7401